Buy VPS server in Europe

Reasons to buy VPS server in Europe from DCXV (Xivicom)

Virtual server DCXV is a flexible solution for enterprises that want to provide business-critical applications without creating a personal server environment. If you decided to buy VPS server you will get is suitable for both data backup, database management, program maintenance, and for all other procedures normally provided by the enterprise's own server.

The service of to buy VPS server from DCXV ensures the reliability of the server, the appropriate environment and data backup. In this case, you pay for the service in accordance with the volume of use. Additional resources can be added quickly and easily, and the uninterrupted operation of the most important work programs will be guaranteed.

If you buy VPS server from DCXV will create a server system that meets the needs of your enterprise, and there is also an opportunity to use the resource of an already existing server system.

DCXV offers to buy VPS server along with the selected client and the previously installed operating system. You can host databases, business programs, document administration, storage systems, etc. on the server.

If you buy VPS server from DCXV Company, you get free back up

The service works together with data backup: in addition to all databases and programs, the server itself is backed up along with the operating system. To manage the virtual server, we will give you a convenient web interface.

Secure storage of data

A virtual server along with the operating system and databases of your enterprise, as well as with application programs is automatically reserved on a separate disk array. We restore the data once a month absolutely free of charge.

Our VPS depending on the client, allow storing customer data separately, and the transfer of data from one client does not affect the use of the service by another client. Data transfer in the virtual server is protected by a duplicated firewall, in addition, a separate VMWare network screen is used in the administrative interface.

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