Buy hosting server

Where to buy hosting server?

The service of "hosting server" is the placement of your physical server into a rack in our data center and its connection to the Internet channel. Service of buy hosting server is, if you have a physical server, you install the desired operating system, software, configure it as you need to, and send it to us to lacate it in the rack and connect to the Internet. Access to your server will have only you, and all of its resources.

The appeal of buy hosting server services that you are the rightful owner of the server, and you can dispose of them at its discretion. You become completely independent of the hardware, the software, which offers virtual hosting provider.

You can install the server with almost any configuration (you can also reconfigure any server). In particular, for the most part, providers do not impose restrictions on the size of disk space for particular buy hosting server machine. You will no longer depend from those restrictions, which introduces Web hosting on a virtual server and which related to:

  1. RAM Applications.

  2. Startup scripts.

  3. The shelf life of an e-mail server.

  4. Process Applications.

Selecting a data center for Colocation

At the present time to choose a data center is not easy task. Today in Lithuania alone has about 50 commercial data centers. The cost of buy hosting server services everywhere approximately the same, but there are a number of basic parameters that must be taken into consideration when choosing the site for placement fizichekoy servers. These include:

  • Stable wideband Internet access

  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity

  • Stable weather conditions are supported in the engine room

  • Protection of the territory where your equipment is located

  • Reasonable cost of services buy hosting server

On DCXV site you can find buy hosting server and prices of other solitions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.