buy cheap server in Europe

Where to buy cheap server in Europe?

If you decide to buy cheap server for a while, it is worth remembering that the minimum term of the lease or virtual dedicated server is a month. In contrast, server rental hosting "from the cloud" has no restrictions. Services are available absolutely for any period and pause whenever you need them.

Dessision to buy cheap server allows to use the service "Rental License for software." This will help large enterprises save up to tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and / or renewal of license applications, control panels and operating systems. Now you can instead of buying expensive licenses on a monthly basis to pay only for the actual use of the software.

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Hosting Provider DCXV: speed, convenience, simplicity

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  • practically 100% uptime. We work 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. All problems can be solved in minutes;

  • simple control panel. Hosting Provider DCXV sure: good hosting - the simple hosting. Even if you are not an expert, the basic settings will understand without difficulty;

  • free primary server configuration and the ability to buy personal manager service, which will monitor the status of your project;

  • modern equipment. We offer server hosting on fast computers that are easy to handle large amounts of data;

  • low ping. We understand that for game servers critical data delay, so ensure not only system performance, but also an excellent connection channel;

  • competent help in difficult moments. Our technical support is always ready to answer questions and assist with hardware configuration.

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