?uy a dedicated server in Europe?

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The idea to buy a dedicated server for own needs is most often set by those who need a personal high-performance configuration. The second option is for those who need a system working separately from all other sites or parts of the site (for example, a database), so that they do not intersect with other sites either by ip or by physical location. In other words, the slogan of dedicated servers can be two words - security and performance. It is for these two advantages that many are willing to pay quite large amounts - from $ 40 to $ 200 per month - to buy a dedicated server .

Why there is such a difference in price of offers to buy a dedicated server?Because the dedicated server can be configured individually for own tasks:

- if you need more disk space, you can easily add additional hard drives;

- if you need to increase the download speed of the site, then all HDDs can be replaced with SSD disks with a read / write speed 5-6 times higher than HDD;

- if you need a more productive and modern microprocessor, for example, 20 nuclear processors with 40 data processing flows, then DCXV will solve this issue for you;

- if you need more RAM, 4 gigabytes for your purposes is not enough, the amount of RAM can easily be increased to 8-128 gigabytes;

- if you need to install some special software, for example, to protect data from hacking or DDOS attacks, then any version of the software can be installed on a dedicated server without any agreement or permission from other hosting clients.

Why the service to in Europe to buy a dedicated server is more expensive?

Quite often one of the criteria for choosing a dedicated server is its geographical location. There are 2 most common causes:

- User needs the server not to be in the country where some kind of activity is being conducted; Thus, it can protect itself from raider seizures, server arrest or features of legislation;

- A dedicated server must be located in a specific country, but the owner himself operates remotely, without physically moving to that country.

If you need to buy a dedicated server in Europe, then DCXV can help you with this.