Bitrix virtual server lease in Europe

DCXV (Xivicom) offers Bitrix virtual server lease in Europe

Bitrix virtual server is a special service for those whose websites work on the popular CMS Bitrix. After connecting this service, your account is transferred to a separate server, where there are only a few dozens of clients, and the software settings on which are specially selected taking into account the features of this CMS. Choosing a Bitrix server from DCXV (Xivicom), you guarantee the speed and stability of your site under the management of 1C-Bitrix. We provide the optimal configuration for each project for "1C-Bitrix" based on its parameters.

The 1C-Bitrix virtual server is a single physical server that can be divided into several virtual servers using the software, operating independently of each other and having its own operating system. In addition, within the virtual machine for 1C-Bitrix you have the ability to install any software and make virtually any changes to the configuration of the virtual server due to full access at the administrator level.

Why is Bitrix virtual server so popular?

It's no secret that 1C-Bitrix, being a very powerful and functional content management system, places high demands on hosting performance, and to show all its capabilities, it needs some special settings.

The Bitrix virtual server is similar in many respects to the regular hosting: your sites are transferred to one of the special servers where there are very few other clients - that is, each gets more resources. In addition, the software settings on these servers are specially tailored to the features of 1C-Bitrix.

The main advantage of Bitrix virtual server (1C-Bitrix) is already embedded compatibility with other products 1C (1C Accounting, 1C Warehouse, 1C Trade). 1C-Bitrix allows you to create an external and internal site of the company on the same basis. On the external site with Bitrix you can place information for customers and the store, on the inside - information for employees and the required services for work. 1C-Bitrix does not require a lot of time to develop a corporate site and covers most of the company's requirements.

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