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Data center DCXV is a platform for the placement of server equipment in Lithuania. We provide service of virtual and dedicated servers renting, offer the best dedicated web hosting and placing of client’s servers in our data center in Vilnuis (colocation).

We create the conditions necessary for the server equipment work like uninterrupted power supply, cooling and server room climate control, backup links. We offer basic and advanced support for the best dedicated web hosting. Administrators around the clock monitor the work equipment.

We have experienced professionals who are ready to solve the most complex tasks. We were able to accumulate enough experience to today to prioritize and to help all without exception customers in overcoming the various difficulties. If you book our rental server service, then we in turn take responsibility for the result. We know exactly that our best dedicated web hosting customers are interested in quality: functionality, stability, security, high performance.

Our main advantage is that we provide the perfect solution for creating a successful network project, and in every way promote the business to grow.

We are proud that our best dedicated web hosting has helped many clients. It was the mainstream, which could already build a lucrative and profitable business. It's kind of a step forward, so we are now waiting for new customers who are ready to move ahead and to reach new heights.

Nowadays, the Internet is practically a key tool for promoting the development of any business. Many companies are willing to create their own websites, corporate resources and online shopping. That is why best dedicated web hosting becomes more popular. There was a need for professional providers who are ready to adopt new technologies and introduce advanced equipment. And if you want to find a dedicated server, EU has a sufficiently developed this service. But you only need to choose responsible partners. And our company is ready to become such a partner, because we have powerful modern equipment and experienced staff!

You always can try the best dedicated web hosting from DCXV Company. Just reach our sales department or go through 1 minute online registration.