Best dedicated hosting

Dedicated, virtual server and hosting. Benefits.

If your project has high traffic and generates a heavy load or require enhanced security or custom settings that means it's time to consider renting a dedicated server.

What dedicated server is?

This is a complete server configuration selected with the operating system and the remote control which you can place your design and make almost all that you want. Servers are installed in a special place so-called data centre.

This is the place with the necessary climate, reliable power and good internet channels with compulsory redundancy of all components that will allow your server to operate reliably and quickly.

Why it is better than hosting?

Unlike even the best dedicated hosting services provider each virtual server consist no more than a dozen clients (like semi detached house) your dedicated server will be only yours.

This will improve the stability and reliability of your project because you will no longer depend on a neighbor who can pour script, send spam consequences of which will have to disentangle all cohabitants server. You will be able to make necessary changes in the software, load it so far will support the hardware, to have a main (root) access to the server and in fact do all that you want.

Wow! Amazing but what's the catch?

Unlike even the best dedicated hosting dedicated server rental is more expensive. In addition, if you use hosting than somebody rovide you the finished customized work environment: software, control panel, etc., stay tuned software, patching "holes" are raising when something falls to the server or the server itself if it is dropped, unlike from the renting even the best dedicated server you are responsible for its set up and maintain (if administration is not ordered).

From our side (unless ordered Administration) liability extends only to the replacement of components, reboot the server on nutrition, reinstalling the operating system and connection IPKVM-access (remote administration server, if you do not operate internal controls).

Therefore, it is necessary to consider about buying management services with the server in advance and if you are not familiar administrator or a professional who will deal with them and trace the server.

What can we offer?

We are pleased to offer you the best dedicated server in different configurations that is located in our own data center in the EU that offers advantages and flexibility in solving a number of technical problems, such as upgrade or components replacement in case of the equipment damage.