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What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated hosting, unlike to virtual where many sites of different customers are hosted on the same server and the service provider, is a separate 1 user server located in a special place - the data center, where it is provided by the power supply, internet channel, and rack space.

Its needless to say that the affordable dedicated servers gives its owner the resources without limitation with a reasonable price. Moreover, the owner of the dedicated server can install any software on it, including self written, which none hoster will ever install on a virtual (shared) hosting.

Support of affordable dedicated servers can be divided into two categories: unmanaged and managed. Maintenance unmanaged servers involves two steps - reboot the server on request (the ticket) and reinstalling the operating system in case it fails because the illiterate treatment or hacking, followed by the substitution of critical files.

Peculiarities of support service

Suport is divided into levels. In terms of level 1 support tasks is included reboot, answers to FAQ’s, as well as the delay in the time different silly elaborations while a support ticket processing with higher levels. Sometimes, in the state there is no such specialist and solution to the problem may take a long time. The decent data centers level 1 support transmits the ticket, and they honestly say that he could not cope with the problem and gave it a qualified technician.

Level 2 support tasks include resolving of typical problems like installation and configuration of basic software, updating the knowledge base for level 1 support, a little troubleshooting. For example, if CGI perl script module requires Image :: Magick, support level 2 unable to understand it and to place it. However, they do not make troubleshooting, and in case of failure do the escalation.

Level 3 support is engaged in the solution of global problems - troubleshooting. When the server is slow or there is frequent peak loading, some software does not wish to be installed or does not work after installation, if there is suspicion of hardware problems - all this is the responsibility of level 3 support.

Level 4 Support is in the state of very large and major data centers, or working on a contract basis with a smaller companies. Its competence includes everything, including the work with unfamiliar software, system recovery after breaking, search accounts, dealing with spam, install the system limits, etc.

What do you need to put attention on answering question: what is a dedicated servers and where can I find affordable one?

Try look get more information about total internet channel capacity, the presence of its reserve. The port which the server is connected to the channel also plays an important role. Does data center cuts ports or protocols for overload, or does it disable for superfluousnetwork activity and what its threshold. The ability to put more memory in the future or an additional hard drive. You should also pay attention to the list of panels, their price, and even on the list of possible operating systems.