Administration server VDS

Get discount for administration server VDS by leasing VDS in DCXV (Xivicom) data center

Administration server VDS service will be useful to companies that have a dedicated server or VDS server in our company and do not have their own system administrator.

The content in the state of an experienced and qualified administrator almost always means significant expenses for the company. Our outsourcing of system administration services is the most profitable solution in case of solving the problems of reliable server support. As part of the administration server VDS service, we perform all necessary work related to maintaining the server and protecting it from external threats.

Depending on the complexity of the Internet project, traffic intensity and other factors, select the appropriate administration server VDS server or dedicated server solutions. Most of the hosters and companies that are engaged in this type of server maintenance, offer administrator services on an ongoing basis or one-time performance of work.

With constant maintenance, technical support specialists implement administration server VDS with the configuration of necessary services, hardware and software, drivers, and regular monitoring of server processes. Single calls of the administrator will provide management of virtual servers, troubleshooting, configuration of software, server platform, mail and file server, etc.

What does administration server VDS includes?

  • In general, the management of virtual servers involves monitoring and configuration in approximately the following amount:

  • Accounts (creation, deletion, assignment of rights, generation of passwords, etc.);

  • Block unwanted IP addresses to prevent attacks on the site;

  • Routing, firewall;

  • Updating the software part of the server, including antivirus applications;

  • FTP-server, mail server support (domains, mailboxes, antivirus, antispam, filtering, answering machine, redirects, policies and quotas);

  • Databases (creation, editing, deletion of records, generation of passwords, distribution of rights);

  • Backup (configuration, data recovery).

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