Service of administration of mail server in Europe

Service of administration of mail server becoming a must for nowdays companies

For many companies reliable operation of mail server equipment is an indispensable condition for successful business. Loss of productivity, sudden disruptions lead to direct and tangible losses. DCXV (Xivicom) will provide professional administration of mail server and help avoid situations that are unacceptable in a competitive environment due to malfunctions in the operation of computer equipment.

Services of creating and administration of mail server for an organization can include the following items and their combinations:

  • Create a spam filtering mail server (you save traffic and load on an external Internet channel, save the resources of the main server, leaving all the advantages of using a working mail server located inside the organization).

  • Create a full-fledged mail server from the web or without a web interface to access the mail (ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a branch network or firms where many employees work outside the office.

  • Creating an outgoing mail server for large loads (the ability to quickly and reliably send out information about your hot offers to thousands of customers), while the quality of mail delivery is dictated only by your reputation (no host or office neighbor can spoil your reputation in the eyes of postal systems).

  • Administration of mail server can create a mailing list (for many of the modern industries, this is considered one of the most effective elements of marketing and discussion).

We believe that your internal administrator can do administration of mail server, but even a high-quality system needs to be supported. We have monitored client servers for a variety of parameters, including those with knowledge of which comes only with operational experience, and lists of mailings about "vulnerabilities" in the programs used are viewed by us several times a day.

If you need administration of mail server then DCXV can help you with this.