Administration Web Server in Europe

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The most important difference of administration Web Server is the way to access the server (cloud server), and in this case it occurs without any physical contact, and all server maintenance work is done via a network (Internet or local), and for this, protected Communication channels (for example KVM or SSH, etc.). In the case of the usual system administration, physical access to the server (from the data center or directly from the office premises) is necessary.

Main features of the sesrvice

Remote administration of servers (Windows or Linux) has the following advantages:

Possibility of administration regardless of the geographical location of both the server itself and the administration Web Server, and the main condition is the availability of the Internet;

Monitoring the operation of the remote server online;

The ability to quickly respond to various emergency situations;

Ability to carry out maintenance of the server at any time convenient for the client;

Undoubtedly the lower cost of renting a cloud server in relation to the content in the staff of a special employee for similar purposes.

At the same time, the following factors can be designated as negative one for these kind of services:

The impossibility of physical access to the server, which may be required for example to replace a node that is out of order. And in this case, for a different repair is the responsibility of that hosting company, from which the server was bought or leased;

The policy of the hosting company allows the latter not only to set the size of the tariff plan, but also to enter the restrictions that the hoster applies within the virtual server (and which accordingly are absent if the dedicated physical server is leased).

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