A dedicated server in the data center

What do you ned to know about lease of a dedicated server in the data center?

The data center is a specialized building that houses a server and network. The equipment with the possibility of connecting users to Internet channels. In simple words, the data center is a certain place in which the servers of companies are physically located. The site located on a dedicated server in the data center is under protection and the necessary climatic and technical conditions for proper operation of the equipment have been created.

Data center is most often used by corporate clients to solve their business problems, as it is intended for storage, processing and dissemination of information. With the help of the services of lease a dedicated server in the data center customers save money for the company, because they do not need to maintain their own IT infrastructure.

Main features of lease a dedicated server in the data center

The client is provided with a dedicated physical high-performance server, located in the data center and already connected to the Internet. The client does not need to buy and own expensive server hardware and bear the risks in the event of server failure. All the computing resources of a dedicated server in the data center are guaranteed solely given only to the project of a specific client.

What doese the rent of a dedicated server in the data center gives?

Having got the hardware (server) at its disposal, the user of the server simultaneously gets access to its provision (software and hardware), as well as ample opportunities for work: you can install any operating systems (many companies preinstalled is Linux), programs and applications, adjust settings and much more. Thanks to access via KVM / IP settings are made remotely.

It is very important to choose correctly where and under what conditions the equipment will be able to work stably and efficiently. To achieve this goal, DCXV offers a colocation (colocation) service. The modern air conditioning system creates the necessary temperature and humidity for the ideal operation of the equipment, and uninterruptible power supplies and channel redundancy systems ensure reliable operation of the hosted servers.

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