1C server administration

DCXV (Xivicom) offers 1C server administration service for any business

You have two ways to provide your company with a reliable IT system. The first is the creation of a special department to support own information system. The second - more economical and practical - IT outsourcing services. Traditionally, IT outsourcing involves attracting third-party specialists to provide services to ensure the correct operation of information resources of the customer and 1C server administration. To put it more simply, you can not spend your own company's resources on the formation and coordination of the work of the IT department, as well as on all other aspects of the functioning of this department.

What gives 1C server administration to you and your company?

Save you money. You do not have to look for and hire new employees, as well as organize jobs for them. We will also help you with solving social and administrative issues - all of this we undertake.

Stability. In the work with staff members, the human factor can negatively affect working moments. Sudden employee illness, vacation, conflict associated with the mode of work or pay is quite likely situations that can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. 1C server administration excludes such "force majeure".

Efficiency. We use all the possibilities of new technologies for your benefit. If there are any problems, we do not need to spend time traveling to your office. We just launch the remote access program on our equipment and immediately proceed to the solution at a distance. Therefore, it does not matter where you are - we can help you everywhere!

Confidentiality. Trusting us with the data of your company, you can be calm for their safety and non-disclosure on our part. The guarantee of this is our concern for our own reputation and the contract for the provision of services, in which the confidentiality clause is registered.

A complex approach. 1C server administration is part of a wide range of services offered by "1Service". Due to close interaction with software specialists of 1C and 1C-Bitrix, we provide a full range of services to ensure an effective information system of the company.

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