1C Enterprise Server administration

Learn more about 1C Enterprise Server administration services from DCXV (Xivicom) Company

Service of 1C Enterprise Server administration - gives an opportunity for companies to get a reliable, fault-tolerant corporate server with a stable functioning "1C: Enterprise" software complex.

From the initial installation and configuration of the server, as well as its further administration, the uninterrupted work of the company's personnel with the programs "1C: Enterprise" depends, as well as the safety of corporate data. Therefore, 1C Enterprise Server administration should always be entrusted to professionals who have extensive experience in this field.

All 1C Enterprise Server administration services from DCXVinclude:

- Server configuration;

- Installation and configuration of the basic software on the server;

- Setting up the operating system (Linux, FreeBSD) for maximum performance, optimizing the operation of services;

- Configuring and optimizing of the MySQL server;

- Installation of specific software for solving specific tasks, updating, reconfiguration of software;

- Setting the security of the system;

- Backup setting;

- Help in DDoS attacks reflecting.

An important role is played by the correct configuration and constant maintenance of the 1C`s performance, creation of users, clusters, administrators, modification of databases. For this you need to have a certain staff of specialists. To perform 1C Enterprise Server administration, you can hire new employees, constantly train existing people or outsource the service. Each company decides which method is appropriate in its specific operating conditions.

The service of 1C Enterprise Server administration allows you to partially or completely assign the solution of the streaming issues related to servicing the server to our administrators. Using the server administration service, you elimenate yourself from unnecessary worries, such as: monitoring server health, promptly updating the OS, software, etc.