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Who is interested in virtual server VPS rental in Europe

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Who is interested in virtual server VPS rental in Europe

Many want to buy virtual server VPS abroad. And DCXV offers to you to select your datacenter in Europe. But the time of work and the experience of our support is not our main advantage at all. The service "VPS-server" includes absolutely free consultations of technically savvy specialists. You can ask any question related to the hosting and get an answer at record short intervals. In chat rooms, we respond in less than a minute, and in tickets - for a maximum of two hours.

With DCXV you get only the best virtual server VPS

Instant work with files on the SSD. For you, the most reliable and fast SSDs with the eMLC memory type. Combined in RAID arrays, data transfer speeds reach 100,000 IOPS, and Windows VPS starts within 7 seconds.

Change the parameters of virtual server VPS online. Changing the characteristics of your virtual server is available at any time without data transfer and loss of funds. Simply select the new settings in your account and continue working.

Guaranty of high speed connection. The DCXV has 3 Internet channels with 10 Gbps channel each. The channels are connected to the largest communication nodes. Due to this you get the speed of your VDS not lower than 100 Mb / s with the best access in EU.

Quick start of work with the server. The process of ordering and installing a virtual server is fully automated. A quick registration will allow you to start working with virtual server VPS in two clicks.

Reliability and fault tolerance. We use the latest equipment of the corporate class from the world's leading manufacturers: Intel, Supermicro, Cisco.

Do you want to use a VPS server for hosting sites, hosting a database, a game server or a program that should always be online? With root access, cool support and guaranteed resources, you will succeed! And if it does not work or you for some reason change your mind about using the server within 30 days of the order, we will refund the money for virtual server VPS.