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Try cheap dedicated server Windows in Europe from DCXV Company

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Try cheap dedicated server Windows in Europe from DCXV Company

Dedicated server differs from virtual server in that on dedicated server it is possible to provide several virtual machines, sharing server resources between virtual machines. Virtual machines running on the same server can compete for free server resources while interfering with each other. In all other respects, the cheap dedicated server Windows is exactly the same operating system that provides the work of your project, as well as the virtual server.

On leased dedicated servers, you can install a legal operating system Microsoft Windows Server (Standart, Essentials and even Datacenter edition) under a special licensing program SPLA. The essence of this program is that you do not buy a license, but lease it for the term of equipment rental. Cheap dedicated server Windows allows you to pay monthly only 19 euros, instead of 1100 euros, and at the same time have completely legal software. Under this program, you can rent virtually the entire range of software from Microsoft, which will run on your server. With the help of the SPLA licensing program, you can reduce your expenses at launching the project.

Get cheap dedicated server Windows in reliable data center

All cheap dedicated server Windows connect to the Internet at speeds of 100 Mb / s or 1 Gb / s (as well, a connection can be made at a speed of 10 Gbit / s), which allows many users to connect to the server without any delay. The throughput of all channels of the LeaseWeb data center (in which we host the server) exceeds 4.5 Tbit / s. DataCenter is connected to all major traffic exchange points in Europe and has direct connections with the leading backbone providers in Russia and Ukraine. Many traffic-generating resources have their projects in the DCXV data center under file-storage, video-streaming and other online-media. DCXV combines a balance of price and excellent quality.

Cheap dedicated server Windows are provided fully ready for work, with the operating system and updates installed, or you can order a server with:

  • service administration (the so-called "Server without cares");

  • installed panel ISPmanager and you will work with the server as with a normal hosting, or as a VPS-server, i.e. Not touching the operating system;

  • individually customized for your tasks.

On DCXV site you can always find the cost of cheap dedicated server Window and other solutions as well as to order the one that will suit your needs.