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Business Solutions in Europe

What Business Solutions can we offer?

Remote Desktop - is a guarantee of mobility and success of Your company!

This service is a modern tool for all companies that wish to protect their data and be secured from unauthorized entrance, as well as from data loss, theft or any other supernumerary situation, which can stop the company's work. Remote Desktop is commonly used at enterprises for storage and management of electronic document that makes possible to be not attached to the workplace. There is no more need to urgently go to the office to edit  or print any document. Remote Desktop is available for you from anywhere in the world, You just need to have computer and Internet access.

The main advantages of using DCXV as data storage:

  •      access to data from anywhere in the world
  •      Your data will be protected by EU law
  •      guarantee of high performance and trouble-free operation of the service
  •      the ability to use on Your office computer, a free operating system, which eliminates the need to purchase software licenses
Price / month
Mini office Monthly to 2 2 40 $ 25
Middle Monthly to 5 4 50 $ 50
Extended Weekly to 10 8 75 $ 75
Bussiness Weekly to 15 16 120 $ 100
Premium Daily to 30 32 240 $ 150
b-cloud.pdf   -  Please open this document to read more detailed information about our offer.

The Remote Desktop plan includes the following additional services:

  • the English/Russian-speaking tech-support
  • corporate email (Example:
  • corporate domain (Example:
  • regular backup

For all your questions, as well as for orders - please call:

  • for International/Europe: +37 (062) 4111 22

Server Management

We offer couple Remote Server Management solutions:

- Basic:

  • Server monitoring (including monitoring of critical systems running on your server) and recovery
  • Software installation with basic configuration
  • SLA of <24 hour response, <48 hour resolution

- Advanced:

  • Server monitoring (including monitoring of critical systems running on your server) and recovery
  • Software installation with basic configuration
  • Backup configuration & monitoring
  • Security updates
  • Software configurations optimization (to speed up your server response)
  • Technical consultations
  • SLA of <4 hour response, <12 hour resolution

Remote servers administration is in demand integrated services designed to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the operating system and other software, and the performance of all the current problems relating to the location and operation of web-resources. With its help even an inexperienced administrator or owner can ensure the effectiveness of your site in the network, eliminating any problems with the operability and reliability. If it is important for you, our company is ready to offer a highly qualified service nginx server administration and other products on favorable terms!

Why is this important?

Renting of hosting or VPS is affordable opportunity for many site owners and online entrepreneurs. But only to get a place to host Web resource is not enough. It is necessary to set up configuration and administration of servers. Doing this may be quite confusing considering that the hosting providers usually use Unix operating systems, managing of which is somewhat more complicated than of Windows. In addition, after the competent primary setting, you need to effectively administrate the Web server which requires time and specific knowledge.

Hosting providers offer highly demanded service in order not to complicate the life of webmasters and site owners. For ordering, for example, administration on a Linux server, you will solve a lot of problems and provide the reliability, stability and working ability of the sites placed on it.

What does this service suggest?

Remote administration of site server is an opportunity for the owner to delegate a number of important functions for configuration, management and maintenance of its efficiency. Thus, among the main works include:

  • data loss protection due to the implementation of backups

  • web resources access control

  • operating system and basic software systematic update

  • dedicated server or VPS setting to ensure safe operation

  • monitoring of load and site availability

  • resources availability control, for example, the free space on the SDD or HDD

  • program configurations change

  • database server administration - installation, optimization, adjustment of settings

  • incoming messages processing due to the possible existence of problems

  • scripts creating to automate various tasks

  • hacker attacks prevention and protection including DDoS-threats

Target audience.

For example, the VDS server administration services targeted at such customers:

  • web-studios. They create and support the work of many sites. To make these resources be in working condition and stable with minimal effort from the part of these companies staff you will need the administer web-server
  • Internet shops. For online business stability is important. It provides customer’s confidence and profits increase. Businessmen are not always ready to deal with technical issues. Therefore, SQL Server administration and other similar services are relevant for them
  • organizations and companies. There are other popular support services of web resource efficiency. For example, the competent administration of the mail server will eliminate problems with corporate email for companies of any level.

Main advantages:

  • monitoring on a regular basis

  • rapid response to any emergency situation

  • 24/7 support

  • affordability. Remote Administrator service using is cheaper than keeping the state of an individual specialist

  • delegation not only of power, but also responsibility

You do not know where to order management file server service or find a remote administrator to maintain the work of your Internet project? Then feel free to contact our DCXV company!