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Dedicated server

Processor (CPU)
Memory (RAM)
Storage (HDD)
Core i3, 6300T, 2 cores x 3.3 GHz 8 500 GB HDD 100mbps/free 1 $ 60
Core i3, 6300T, 2 cores x 3.3 GHz 16 240 GB SSD 100mbps/free 1 $ 80
Core i3, 6300T, 2 cores x 3.3 GHz 16 1000 GB HDD 100mbps/free 1 $ 80
Xeon E3, 1240, 4 cores x 3.30 GHz 16 240 GB SSD 100mbps/free 1 $ 90
Core i5, 6600K, 4 cores x 3.9 GHz 16 2000 GB HDD 100mbps/free 2 $ 100
Core i5, 6600K, 4 cores x 3.9 GHz 16 480 GB SSD 100mbps/free 2 $ 100
Core i7, 6700, 4 cores x 4.0 GHz 32 4000 GB HDD 100mbps/free 2 $ 120
Core i7, 6700, 4 cores x 4.0 GHz 32 480 GB SSD 100mbps/free 2 $ 120
2 x Xeon L5630, 4 cores x 2.40 GHz 64 500 GB SSD 100mbps/free 2 $ 200
2 x Xeon E5, 2670, 8 cores x 3.3 GHz 64 6000 GB HDD 100mbps/free 4 $ 380
Core i9, 7900X, 10 cores x 4.30 GHz 128 525 GB SSD 1000 mbps/free 4 $ 550
2 x Xeon Phi SC5110P, 120 cores x 1.05 GHz 16 500 GB 1000 mbps/free 1 $ 915

Try out our powerful dedicated servers!

Let us know if you need any customization or any special requirements - our techs will prepare any server within 24 hours!

We host our dedicated server in our own Data Center (DCXV). That's why we can guarantee a stable power, air condition, fault-tolerant internet connectivity to Tier 3 upstreams.

What you will get:

  • full-root access (via SSH/RDP/etc.)
  • instant remote-reboot feature (hardware reset) - by one click!
  • rDNS and PTR domain records self-management
  • 100 Mbps internet connectivity (or 1 Gbps shared port - depends on hardware)
  • free broken-parts replacement
  • flexible prices / any customizations on the go
  • cheapest additional IP addresses
  • free KVM setup in case of OS / hardware failure on your server (or possibility to install the OS by yourself using the requested KVM)
  • fast server installation usually takes < 24 hours (after your payment)

Dedicated server with a good connection allows you to control your own IT-resources and deal effectively with any assigned tasks. It's a solution that allows running multiple CPU-intensive applications and other tasks, to speedup production websites, to handle more visitors, to increase overall website performance. You can order a dedicated server from our company (DCXV) right now, using this webpage. Some configurations we able to provide for test, just let us know in case you need this.

What is a dedicated server?

It's a service that allows you to get a powerful server, that is ready to work in high loads where all its hardware resources dedicated to you. In addition, you do not have to pick and configure equipment by yourself, teach staff, configure and install network equipment, etc. Dedicated server means full control over server hardware resources, you will get full root-access, you will be able to change any settings, manage processes and files, install all required software. For your IT-project this will guarantee a stable work regardless the amount of traffic and/or other loads or criteria.

Advantages of renting dedicated server with us:

  1. Ease of Management. You decide yourself what do you need for your work. You can install custom software, you can manage it, you can reboot it (reset), manage rDNS records, IPs, MACs, - using your management panel, maximum comfort and ease are guaranteed for you.

  2. Flawless performance and flexible possibility of changes. We have only high-performance solutions for you. For example, you can use our dedicated server on the SSD drives, which guarantees extra performance. If you need to change the current configuration, you can easily perform the conversion to a more powerful as well as to simplified version by contacting our DC staff via the ticket-system.

  3. Your dedicated server location - Europe. This is the additional advantage to the protection method of confidential information. So raider seizure on your business or unauthorized actions of law authorities will not be a threat of critical information loss. And all this because you have chosen dedicated server in Europe, i.e. your data physically located in another country.

  4. Non-stop technical support. This is a required condition for productive and smooth work process. Any problems or technical details are resolved quickly and efficiently, you can always request help from our professionals in the process of software installation/configuration, etc.

The innovative approach: order 1C server in Europe

Special advantage for your business is the opportunity to order a dedicated 1C Bitrix server. It is optimized and simplifies the integration of web-resources with company's 1C products. This is a convenient opportunity to work remotely with accounting to give additional protection for confidential data from unauthorized access.

The dedicated server 1C will allow your personal accountant or other staff to work non-stop from any Internet-driven location. In such case all the confidential information can be stored remotely, not on your PC in your office, which probably is weakly protected, but in our data center in Europe.

DCXV company offers a variety of dedicated server configurations in accordance with the basic specifications: CPU, RAM, storage capacity, server bandwidth capacity and acceptable cost. This will help You to order dedicated server that fits your needs, to optimize costs to get the best service in dedicated solutions sector. Make the right choice right now!